Why I'm Running

Public service journey

I have experienced first-hand the transformational changes that have happened in our communities over the last +3 decades. I am proudly born and raised in the Inland Empire and our region has been the growth engine of California. It’s hard for me to believe now, that there were more cattle than people when I was growing up (in the community that is now the City of Jurupa Valley). 

Civic engagement matters and it shapes the quality of our neighborhoods as they change over time.

My first exposure to public service was being a student board member at Jurupa Unified School District. I was active in school (varsity football and captain of the tennis team) but nothing opened my eyes like seeing the impact of local nonpartisan elected officials making decisions about our education. I saw the power of communities expressing their opinions, the board of education voting on policy or budget and then seeing these decisions implemented in my own classroom. This childhood opportunity was an inspiration for me to serve on the School Board at Riverside Unified School District (RUSD). In fact, the first action I proposed was to establish the same student board member position at RUSD - to reinforce the importance of student voice being at the center of our decision-making process.

Understanding the community is important but being on the pulse of family needs is critical. My mom never had the opportunity to go to college or get access to vocational training. She had to take tough jobs, like working at an assembly line, to put food on the table for my two younger sisters and I. We had to move frequently when rents would rise but my resilient mom ensured that our entire k-12 education was in the same school district for a little stability. The love and dedication from my mom and incredible mentors in the region made me feel empowered regardless of our struggles. My gratitude to all of the caring community mentors inspired my wife and I to serve as a ‘Big Couple’ in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program among other activities. 

Why State Senate?

Authentic Roots

I have authentic roots to represent the values of working-class families of our region.

Long-term commitment

My wife and I are committed to this region long-term and our daughter Maya is in preschool. We want all future generations of leaders to feel a sense of place, community and quality of life that would attract them to stay in Riverside County beyond their education.

Deep Passion

Legislation is public policy.I have a deep passion and conviction on the potential for public policy to solve complex problems that communities and families are facing. I have both statewide and local experience. I even earned my Doctorate of Policy, Planning and Development. Legislation can’t be developed purely on ‘good intentions’ and requires serious evaluation to consider unintended consequences.


Communities in Senate District 31 deserve respect. Riverside County is the 10th most populated County in the country and the 4th most populated in California. It’s essential that our representation goes beyond being a vote and can also serve as a broader advocate for the region. I have extensive endorsements and leadership experience at the state/local level. In 2019, then United States Senator Kamala Harris made the following statement regarding my re-election on the Riverside School Board “I’m proud to endorse Dr. Angelo(v) Farooq in his re-election campaign on the Board of Education at Riverside Unified School District. Angelo has dedicated his career to advancing equity and innovation in education for students of all backgrounds, and his commitment to uplifting our young people is unwavering. We need to elect leaders like Angelo at every turn, fighters who will empower our children and help our working families thrive.”

Proven leadership makes a difference

I will make sure that the diverse voices of our communities are honorably represented from day one. I humbly hope to earn your vote and support for my State Senate District 31 candidacy.
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